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Spray foam insulation in Allegan, MI

Allegan Spray Foam Insulation welcomes you. We are delighted to provide spray foam services in both the residents ands businesses of Allegan and the neighboring areas. You made the right decision if you’ve decided to use spray foam insulation in your home or commercial space.

Spray foam insulation today is increasing in popularity because of its many benefits. Before you hire us for spray foam insulation in Allegan, MI, you should know more about it so that you can make an informed decision regarding your insulation project. For an existing building, spray foam is best installed during a remodeling project, but we have the tools and experience to install it at any time, even if you are not planning a renovation.


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The Importance of Insulation

Insulation is used to reduce heat flow by reflecting or absorbing it. When spray foam insulation in Allegan, MI is installed correctly, it helps to keep your building cool during the summer months and warm during the winter. As a bonus, you’ll save a lot of money on your energy bills.

Spray foam helps to increase energy efficiency and comfort levels. It also acts as a sound barrier to a certain extent and helps to control condensation indoors. Overall, it increases the value of your property.

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What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is essentially a composition of two chemical ingredients; these are isocyanates and polyol resin. When these two chemical components are mixed, they react with each other and increase in size, thus forming spray foam insulation, also known as polyurethane.

SPF insulation became popular during the 1970s and has been used as an insulation material ever since. Other uses of polyurethane are cushions, industrial uses and airplanes.

What is R-Value?

R-value is the measurement of an insulation material’s resistance to heat. Generally the higher the R-value of an insulation material the better it is. Different insulation materials have different R-values.

For instance, cellulose has an R-value that ranges between R-3.12 and R-3.8, fiberglass batts have an R-value between R-2.9 and R-3.8, open cell spray foam has an insulation R-value that ranges between R-3.6 to R-3.9 whereas closed cell spray foam insulation that ranges between R-6 to R-seven.

How much R-value you need depends on the place and climate where you live. For instance, colder places have higher R-value requirements than warmer places. Different factors can affect the R-value of insulation. It is understood that the more layers of insulation you have, the higher your R-value will be. The method in which the insulation is installed, outside temperatures, and the type of insulation that you choose, all affect the R-value. If your insulation material is not installed properly, heat loss will still take place through air movement.

Keep in mind that when it comes to insulation in Allegan, R-value is not the only important factor in its effectiveness. In addition to achieving the right R-value, creating an air seal is more important regardless of whether you use open cell or closed-cell foam insulation. Sometimes a thermal barrier is needed in addition to spray foam insulation to create a complete air seal.

Benefits of Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Listed below are some important advantages of installing spray foam in Allegan, MI.

  • Does not allow moisture to enter. When spray foam in Allegan, MI is properly installed, it will limit the entry of moisture indoors. Since foam insulation does not absorb moisture there are no chances that mold and mildew will form on it.

  • Increases energy savings. Spray foam, when installed correctly, will help seal the building envelope and thus bring down your total energy savings. Your HVAC system will have to work less in the summer as well as the winter.

  • Improves indoor air quality. Since spray foam does not allow the growth of mold or mildew and it prevents the entry of pollen and allergens, your indoor air quality will greatly improve. This is beneficial for your health.

  • Prevents the entry of pests. Foam insulation is the only type of insulation that seals every nook and cranny, thus preventing the entry of critters and rodents. Consider adding spray foam to your crawl space insulation and attic where pests usually build their nests.

  • Durable and eco-friendly. Using spray foam in Allegan, MI is a great choice because it is durable and eco-friendly. Once it is installed you will not have to replace it anytime soon. Unlike traditional types of insulation like cellulose and fiberglass which needs to be replaced and disposed of more frequently, spray foam insulation will not end up as frequently in landfills.

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How to Prepare Your Home Before Insulation is Installed

Here are some tips to remember when getting spray foam installed in Allegan, MI.

  • Remove your furniture. If you do not want your furniture to get sprayed on, it is better to remove it out of the way. Most professional insulation contractors will take care not to overspray but sometimes extra insulation may get onto your furniture. If you have stuff in your attic or basement, make sure to get them out before an insulation project.

  • Removal of the old insulation. A good insulation contractor that deals with spray foam in Allegan, MI will offer insulation removal as a part of their services but if you’re an experienced homeowner, you may want to do this by yourself. It is always better to hire an insulation contractor. Either way, your insulation will need to be removed before any new insulation installed.

  • Cover items that cannot be removed. If you have big pieces of furniture that cannot be removed completely, cover them with newspaper or fabric to protect them from getting sprayed.