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Attic Insulation Allegan, MI

Insulation is an important part of home improvement and is responsible for completing the building envelope. At Allegan Spray Foam Insulation we take also offer attic insulation in Allegan MI, as part of our services.

If you are wondering whether it is necessary to install insulation in your home or building, the answer is yes. Insulating your attic in Allegan, MI when installed properly by a professional will help bring down your total energy expenses significantly. Without adequate insulation, your HVAC system will run overtime, thus increasing your energy expenses.

Insulation also helps to maintain equal temperatures throughout your home and helps with issues with your roof.

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Signs That Your Attic Needs Insulation

Here are several indications that you might need new attic insulation in Allegan, MI.

  • High energy bills: If you have high energy bills and your home lacks attic insulation, it means that your HVAC is under constant pressure.

  • Melting snow: If the snow on your roof is melting faster than the snow elsewhere, it could mean that heat is escaping from your roof.
  • Ice dams: An ice dam forms at the edge of a roof and this ridge prevents water from draining off. If you have ice dams it could mean that your home either has poor insulation or poor ventilation.
  • You need to replace your roof: The regular lifespan of a roof is between 30 and 40 years. If you have to replace your roof every 10 years or so, it is an indication that you may have insulation issues.

How Much Does Attic Insulation Cost?

Insulating an attic in Allegan, MI can cost anywhere between $1,500 and $3,000. This amount depends on the type of attic you have and the total size of your attic. It is understood that the larger your attic is, the more it will cost you to completely insulate it with spray foam insulation.

Another factor that affects the total cost is whether you decide to insulate the underside of the roof or the attic floor. When the cost is broken down further, you can expect to pay between $1 and $7 per square foot.

Other factors that affect the cost are the quality of spray foam that you choose, whether you use open cell or closed cell spray foam, and the total thickness that is needed. By insulating your attic, you will save between 15 and 50% in energy bills.

Always opt to work with a reputed contractor who will not have hidden fees. A good professional will always give you an estimate regarding the final cost of your project.

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Contact us for more information regarding attic insulation in Allegan, MI. We have a team that specializes in spray foam insulation. Should you need expert advice regarding insulation, we can provide you with options that are best for your home, pole barn or commercial building. We offer a free assessment of insulating your attic and help to clear out any old insulation that may be present. After your project is completed, we offer a complete clean-up to make your home look great.

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